Grief: There Are No Rules

I’ve heard it said that every person is either going into a storm, in the middle of one, or on their way out of one. Grief is one of those storms. It crashes into our lives after the loss of beloved people or things, and it doesn’t behave in any clearly understandable way. Just as every person is different, everyone experiences grief uniquely. Because of that, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all rule book. Here are some things I’ve been learning through my own tumultuous journey with loss and grief.

Better to Have Loved and Lost

At that time and even right now I wonder, was it worth it? Was it truly better to have passionately loved Eric and to have felt the tearing anguish of his absence than to never have loved him at all? Most of the time my answer to those questions is a resounding "YES." Other times, when breathing becomes like rocket science and surviving is my only goal… I wonder if love is worth the pain of loss.

What do you say?

Suppose, for a minute, that you are about to walk into a room full of grieving people. Imagine that you're going to enter a situation sort of similar to speed-dating, where you'll go through a line and come face-to-face with each grieving individual. These people are in different stages and situations of grief... some people mourn for…

I am not enough

I am NOT enough. I can't "do it all." I long to be able to do and be all the things. But I can't, and the truth is that I may be able to get most of it done sometimes, but I'll never be completely enough. I'm going to let my friends down. I'm going to let my family down. I'm going to let my children down. I'm going to keep letting myself down... as long as my focus is on "my do it myself" and my list of personal expectations is long. I am not enough. But God IS enough.